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Through a New Lens …

This month of August, as we begin the designing, the planning, and the purchasing for our classrooms, I ask you to think about a “different perspective.” Will you make the shift in your head from what you are doing to what the children are receiving? It’s a subtle shift, but it is transformational! Will you become the child and walk in his shoes?
Will you let go of some of your “comfortable” habits and routine ways of planning activities for the children; designing space for the children; creating routines and schedules for the children? Will you try something a bit different?
Will you look through a new lens as you begin this school year? Will you focus your energy first on the children, and their individual and collective experiences with you? And then, on your planning, designing, and implementing phases?
I believe that if we can use all of our senses, as our children do, we can more fully understand their experiences in our classrooms. And, in the process, together create an extraordinary child-focused, child-centered program. Continue reading

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