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An Invitation …

Performance management consulting probably best describes what I do. Because I actually want to make a difference – a positive difference – as a result of my consulting, coaching, mentoring, and teaching. My goal is to inspire and motivate each team to try another way, a better technique, a way of working with children and adults that improves their performance.

My philosophy is to bring my best to work each day! So, I love working with programs whose director and teachers want to perform optimally as well. It’s a perfect fit!

So, while I provide workshops and training sessions that are written and delivered for each unique program and team, I also work for, and with, the director and management team. I observe and brainstorm possibilities and solutions around staff, parent, child, and environment issues; I facilitate discussion among teachers about developmentally appropriate curriculum, materials, and experiences; I develop strategic plans with directors for expansion, new space, new facilities, new organizational structure; I introduce new elements into the existing performance package, setting clear expectations and goals. And I am always available to talk with directors about anything and everything that happens in an early childhood program – in person, over the phone, or via email. I know life in an early childhood program – I lived it for more than thirty years! And, I learned much through my experiences…
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