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Spring Cleaning …

As directors and leaders of early childhood programs, we entered our field with a profound sense of purpose – to craft an exemplary program; to make a difference in the lives of children; and to build a successful business. Often, as the years go by, we can begin to lose sight of our original goal. We can become consumed with the day-to-day hassles, the minutiae, so much so that survival seems our only course. We are, as they say, “in the weeds.” The big-picture has been lost to micro-management. That’s why it is helpful to periodically step back and reassess where we are heading. Spring is my time for reflection. Sometimes, reflection will reveal to us that we need to make some changes in how we do our work. We need to do some spring cleaning in order to get ourselves back to our original sense of purpose. Here are some thoughts for you to consider: Continue reading

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