Planting Your Garden…

Summer is nearly here—in all of its glory!

The sun is strong, the rain is gentle, and the flower and vegetable gardens are thriving.

I don’t know who originally created the following ‘garden’, but beyond the play on words that will bring a smile to the reader, there is wisdom and guidance here for all of us.

This is a perfect reflection for this season. Enjoy!

Remember, what we sow, we later reap.

The Garden

5 Rows of “P”s

4 Rows of “Squash”

3 Rows of “Let Us”
…be true to ourselves
…be loyal and unselfish
…be faithful to our purpose

3 Rows of “Turn Up”
… your enthusiasm
…your conviction
…your determination

This is the time of year to reflect—upon this school year winding down, and the next school year just around the corner. This summer, during your planning time, your goal-setting time, for directors and teachers alike, consider planting this ‘garden’ in your early childhood program. It’s a wonderful way to set the tone for the year to come.

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