Connections …

“Wow! Wow! And, wow! That’s all I can say.”
“We’ve never seen anything like this!”
“I took tons of pictures!”
“This is Quality!”
“Your legacy will live on!”

“We’re going to take these ideas back to our program and re-create them.”

Recently, at the John Hancock Child Care Center, we held an Open House for our early childhood colleagues in the Boston area, and these are some of the comments we heard again and again as our visitors wandered throughout the center.

They said that it was more than the beautiful facility. That it was the feeling within the environment – a strong sense of being connected – one teacher to another, one classroom to another. It was the whole package – the presentation, the creative use of unusual materials put together in “loving” ways – yes, “loving.” For, they understood the thinking behind each item in the classroom, why it was placed just so in the scheme of things, and, more importantly, what could the children do with it – and learn from it. They talked at length with our teachers in their classrooms. A great deal of thought and care about young children’s needs (physical, social, emotional, intellectual) is what quality is all about. And, it was evident to our guests that our teachers and staff are “artists” when it comes to their work.

I love this quote from Francis Of Assisi –
“ He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

And, doesn’t it just fit!

What was palpable during this open house was the passion! And, the unique, individual ways that this passion came through. There was a spirit of understanding and appreciation among everyone in attendance.

When I think back to the open house, and replay the day in my head, it really is all about Connections, isn’t it? And about sharing what we know and what we have learned. And, it’s about building relationships with like-minded people who share our passions. And yes, it’s about the love we have for our work, our craft, our “art” – which will live on after we’re gone.

Can you relate to this?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!
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7 Responses to Connections …

  1. Jeff Bennett says:

    What a great post. Looks like it was a nice session. Great pics!

    • Marcia Hebert says:

      Thank you, Jeff. It was a wonderful day of networking, meeting new, like-minded colleagues, re-connecting with others. Many conversation and threads of ideas began — now to pick up on them, and move them forward. I’ll tell you one thing, there are some fabulously skilled and talented early childhood professionals around the world – and it will be my greatest joy to get to know them, and perhaps work with them on behalf of the “littlest” in our society. I’m ready for the adventure. :>)

    • pam koen says:

      It is so moving for me to see and read thanks for taking the time to pass it on. So glad it was great. I am ending my jobs right now and processing the ending and new begining. I hope I end up around like mined people.

  2. Carolyn says:

    It was a fun day Marcia…. very rewarding to hear such nice comments!

  3. Sarah Merrill says:

    Hi Marcia,

    When I shared the photos I took during the reunion with colleagues, they were all equally impressed. One said, the environment shouted “respect” for young children and their families. My years at JHCCC were truly a highlight in my career and I often stories & reflections about them when I train.

    • Marcia Hebert says:

      “Respect” is what it is all about!! Thank you, Sarah, for the note. You validate how far-reaching our work is – and when it is good, it is very, very good for everyone – on many, different levels. Keep in touch!

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