How Do I Learn Just Who I Am?

As I write this, I just recently celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. Nineteen sat down to dinner together – and one joined us via Skype from halfway around the world. I quietly observed four generations of our family that day – from a five-month old, to an eighty-six year old, and every age range in between.

What I observed, and later reflected upon, was a group of people who truly love one another, support one another, and value one another! It is a tightly knit group that continues to pass on all of these intangibles from one generation to the next.

When I observed our newest baby interacting with his brothers, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandmother, I saw the love, the support, and the security each offered to this little one. I watched his responses of delight and contentment. And I thought how wonderful it is for this child to grow up in the midst of all of this. As I watched, I was reminded of the following, written by Ruth Reardon, from the perspective of a young child:

How Do I Learn Just Who I Am? 

I learn from you who I am.
Within your eyes I see
reflected me.
Within your voice I hear
how you see me.
You are the mirror that I look into
and mold the image of myself.
I sense the way you hold me,
and from your touch
I feel my form, my shape.
And if I like what I see in
your eyes,
your voice,
your touch –
My heart responds and reaches out.
Then in its reaching, grows and grows,
until I see myself
as separate.
That separate self – in turn –
can love you back.
Because you taught me
who I am,
and I am loved.

Enjoy every moment of this holiday season with those you love and care about – especially the children! My best to you …

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3 Responses to How Do I Learn Just Who I Am?

  1. Donna LeMoine says:

    Such a lovely poem:)

  2. Jenn Bialobrzeski says:

    Love it! What a great poem, and a beautifully written reflection of our Thanksgiving Day. 🙂 Is that Jon in the picture??

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