Keys to Success

Keys to SuccessFrom time to time, I need a little inspiration. I’m probably not alone in this. I love to find “quick reads” that leave me energized and keep me focused on my work. Better still is when I read these positive messages and realize I am already doing many of the suggestions! A long time ago, my mentor, Dr. Grace Mitchell, told me to save all those things that energized, inspired, or motivated me in an inspiration folder. And then, when I needed to read something good for my soul, I could look for just the right message! It has certainly worked for me, so, from my inspiration folder, I thought to pass these keys to success on to you as well – enjoy!

TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO – Finish each job you start and make sure you’ve done your best.

TAKE SETBACKS IN STRIDE – Learn from your mistakes, and keep looking toward the future.

SET NEW GOALS ALONG THE WAY – You’ll never know what you can do until you try.

WORK HARD – Talent alone is not enough. Only by hard work can you reach your goal.

COMMITMENT – Make a total commitment to achieve your goals.

BE CONSISTENT – Set a regular schedule, and stay with it.

GIVE 100% – And, do more than is expected of you.

BE PREPARED – To get ahead, plan ahead. Think superior!

BE ENTHUSIASTIC AND POSITIVE – Enjoy what you do, and do it as well as you can.

BE INNOVATIVE – The ability to find a new method or get better results sets people apart.

BE CONFIDENT – To succeed, you must know you can do it.


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