Endings and Beginnings …

Two more days!

And in these two days, I find myself walking through the past months of 2019—re-living and remembering the events, the experiences, and the moments that made this year special. Some adventures were firsts; others were a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. I had many more happy, joy-filled days than frustrating ones. And then there were the many—so very many—people I re-connected with. We picked up where we had left off 2, 10, 50 years ago! What a gift to have so many wonderful people in my Life!

As I sit at my desk, adding birthdays and events to my new 2020 calendar, I realize how much I love both endings and beginnings! 

Both give me an opportunity to take stock of my Life. Both give me an opportunity to begin again—to take from the last year what I now want in my Life. To remember those things that went especially well, and keep them in this year’s repertoire. And, yes, to reflect upon those things that didn’t go as well as I had thought. To end and then begin again is energizing! And, it makes my Life interesting! 

In my professional Life —each year I thought about how I had gotten to this point in my career; how all of the pieces somehow fit together at this point in time. I jotted down new ideas as they came to me; and I began to shape the new year ahead. I was always looking forward. Someone once said (and I’m paraphrasing here), How will you know when you’ve arrived, if you don’t know where you’re going?

As I saw it, that was my job as the leader of the program, school, organization—to set the course. And, the best part of beginning is that I could reset it annually. The comforting, flip side of this was that if something didn’t work out, I could end it!

What began in my work life seeped into my personal life, and I find myself just as excited at the end of each December as I begin to map out the new year. There is time to reflect between the holidays—and so I ask myself many questions in order to shape my next adventures.

What did I do in 2019 that I would like to do again in 2020? (I begin my list-making) What things on my current list never happened?  Should I add them to my 2020 list? Are they still relevant in my Life? What new things interest me now—and should I add them to my list? Are these things I am simply wishing for in 2020, or are they goals to accomplish? How do I want to live my Life next year? What is the ultimate purpose for my Life? Am I moving toward it? What will get me there? What path shall I take this next year? Do I need direction or shall I just wing it?

Lots to consider.

On my birthday and again at the end of the calendar year, I ask myself these questions—and more. And I reflect on who I am at this new point in my Life, and what now makes my heart sing. And, yes, I begin to write—whatever pops into my head. For these are always my best thoughts and ideas. They spring from somewhere else—and I have learned to follow their lead as I make my lists.

This blog post is an example. “Endings and beginnings” just popped into my head—as I sat down at the computer. And so, I am running with this line of thought.

This new year, I will continue this practice and see where it takes me.

This past year it brought forth my first book. I actually wrote all year (in my little cottage) and finished the first complete draft just before Thanksgiving. I’ve been letting it simmer during the holidays, and just after New Year’s Day, I will return to it. It will be fresh and new again to me—and I suspect I will make many edits as I polish it. The next phase will be its publishing—and I will listen for guidance daily as to the next steps involved. What pops into my head will be what I do. I have learned to trust this guidance. I have accomplished so much and experienced so much of life by listening to that still small voice—and then acting.

As this year ends, I know that my writing will continue. I have loved the art of writing in my peaceful country setting. And I know that I am meant to share many things that I have come upon in my Life—that could be helpful to others. This excites me—and, at 71 years of age, yes, I can tell you that one can still get excited about Life!

I will let go of other business interests I have pursued and greatly enjoyed. They were very satisfying and I learned so much, but they now pull me away from my true Life’s work. And I feel confident that writing, sharing, and teaching is what I am to do for the rest of this Life. As I write this, I am quite at peace. (I have learned to trust my gut as I make decisions—it never lets me down.)

So, what about you?

What do your endings and beginnings portend for you? Do you enjoy turning the pages on the calendar? Do you think about this stuff as I do? I might be onto something or, I might be quite an anomaly! I’d love your thoughts as you get ready to welcome the New Year. 2020 is not only a new year, it is a new decade with possibilities untold! 

My very best to you in 2020. May it bring something new—and quite wonderful—into your Life.

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