“Beginning to End”—The Life Cycle of a Child Care Center

The Life Cycle of a Child Care Center

To My Colleagues,

After 40+ years in the field of Early Childhood Education—from teacher to director to consultant to author, I am so pleased to introduce my new book to you! 

During my long career, I learned from others—which is what we, in education, do! And then, we share. I gathered tips, techniques, strategies, problem-solving methods, and other skills that worked for me and for the programs I managed. And so, I began writing an early childhood leadership blog to share what I had learned (www.marciahebert.com). And after 10 years of writing monthly posts, I decided to gather my thoughts and write a book.

“Beginning to End” is the book I needed when I accepted my first position as director of a hospital child development center! I could have used a roadmap to help me navigate the ins and outs of being a leader and of building an education organization. I could have used a book that was clearly written by someone who had already done this well—with detail and specifics, guidance and know-how—to help me be my best as director and leader. 

This is that book!

It is my story—inspired by my fourth and largest childcare center. I opened the 200-child capacity center for John Hancock in Boston, stayed on as Director for 20 years, and ultimately closed the doors. I experienced firsthand, the entire “life cycle of a childcare center” and I have a unique perspective to share what I learned along the way. 

“Beginning to End” launched this month!! and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in bookstores around the country—hardcover, paperback, and e-book.

What I bring to this book is a wealth of hands-on, real-life experience, expertise, humor, common sense, and hopefully some inspiration for good measure! Take the ideas—they work! I have already tested and used everything in this book—many times over! And if you can learn from my successes and mistakes, this book will have succeeded!


This book has relevance for all early childhood educators (teachers, supervisors, directors, teachers of teachers …). If you think your colleagues might find “Beginning to End” helpful, please pass on the link. 

And finally…

Thank you for the work you do. Teaching and caring for young children is an honorable profession. It is also an awesome responsibility; a humbling experience; life-changing work. And, it demands the best we have to give.

To that end, I am pleased to share what I have learned as early childhood teacher, supervisor, director, consultant, author, and leader.

I wish you much success on your early childhood  journey!

My best,

Marcia Hebert

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2 Responses to “Beginning to End”—The Life Cycle of a Child Care Center

  1. Hi Marcia,
    It’s so good to read about your journey and your new book! For some reason I haven’t been getting your emails, so I’m glad to catch up. It sounds like this book should go into the hands of any new director, much like The Read-Aloud Handbook should go into the hands of any new parent.

    I hope you survived Covid. Our school remained open, thank goodness. The strict protocols are still in place, but things should ease up for the new school year. Not only did we survive, we moved!! Our school has been under renovation for a long time, and over Christmas we moved back in. What a year it has been!

    I thought of you at our end of the school year party for families, as a child asked, “Jennie, can Gloria come, too?” My goodness, just the words a teacher wants to hear. So, she came, and it was a wonderful end to the school year. This will put a big smile on your face: http://www.jenniefitzkee.com. The blog post is very recent. Gloria is right there.

    Best to you, Marcia. Keep in touch.

  2. Marcia Hebert says:

    Thanks so much, Jennie! Yes, let’s keep in touch! Kindred spirits we are!

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